Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida


CJSSF Bookstore: The Center offers new Jungian books and CDs for sale at events throughout the season. Be sure to purchase books recommended by our presenters for upcoming events. We have CDs of many past presentations for sale.  We have the capability to take credit cards for your convenience at all our events now.

Our Annual Social Event, Book Sale and Film was held on Friday, September 28, 2012 from 6:30pm until 9:30pm at All Saint’s Episcopal Church, Ft. Lauderdale.

Admission and refreshments were FREE and we asked for RSVPs. The event was presented by the CJSSF Board and Friends.  The film featured the late James Hillman on Jung and His Red Book.

The Founding Analyst of the Center, Fr. Fred Fleischer, has  encouraged us with his words: “There is nothing as important for any of us as the work we do on our own souls.”

We began the celebration of this, our 25th Season, with the Annual Book Sale and Social event. Everyone was invited to join us as our guests in an evening of conversation, food and drinks.  We welcomed all into our community dedicated to the study of the works of Carl Jung and others in depth psychology.

Our books were offered for sale at very reasonable prices including classic and contemporary Jungian works along with other psychological texts – both new and used.


The film presentation featured excerpts of a lecture by the late James Hillman, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and founder of Archetypal Psychology, with particular emphasis on Jung and his Red Book, which was recently published after years of storage in a Swiss vault.  The Red Book of C. G. Jung was hidden away by the family for fear of Jung’s reputation being tarnished by the mythical qualities assigned to this work.  As Hillman explained “Jung went to this work in search of his soul” inviting the emotions of his psyche to speak to him in another form -  through image. Hillman’s admonition of “Sticking to the Image” is our theme throughout this season manifested in workshops, lectures, discussions, and movies.

This event was an opportunity to learn more, to ask questions, to become a Member and even to pre-register for future events.  So everyone was invited to meet, chat, eat, and browse in an atmosphere of congeniality, friendship, and in service to the community and to bring friends, students and clients. The Board of the Center welcomed everyone.  Over 100 people attended and they all seem to enjoy themselves.

Some people donated books for the Book Sale and were enouraged to bring their books with them. As a marketing and networking opportunity for professionals, we had a table to display business cards and brochures about services and workshops. Since this Annual Social, Book Sale and Film event is now a tradition of the Center, we look forward to seeing you there next season.

Remember that throughout the season, we will have books of the presenters available in advance, so be sure to stop by the Book Table at each event and purchase books for the upcoming events as well as CDs of past presentations.

For more information, please contact us through Email:  or call our Messsage phone 954-525-4682 and someone will return your call.